Philosophy and Experience
USA Construction LLC is a Texas Based company with previous office’s in NYC and Las Vegas. Our Founder and President, Lanny Taylor, has worked in the Texas market for more than ten years and

brings more than 30 years of experience in ground up as well as total and partial renovation projects. USA Construction strives to excel in both quality and price. Our projects utilize full time Supervisors

  who are well versed in the construction industry and the size and type of projects they manage. USA Construction also has Engineers and Project Managers for duration
  of the project. It is always our goal to keep the original team in place in order not to disrupt the flow or cause any delays. Based on the size of the project the cost related
  to both the PE and Project Manager are based on whether they are there full time or part time. We do not bill the full cost of these two employees (as other’s do) if they
  are not on-site full time, it is divided between all projects they are assigned to. We employ a full office staff consisting of accounting, estimator and clerical personnel
  available to you 5 days a week. It is a priority of USA to meet or excel in deadlines and milestones. The way we accomplish this is to use quality sub-contractors who can
  provide the service we as well as the owners require. All our onsite personal are trained to always do their best to build a good working relationship with all Building
  Dept personal (especially our inspectors). Our projects have ranged from High Rise condo’s, Office Buildings, Private Schools, Malls, Hospitals and Casino’s to small as
  well as large renovation projects and well as many other’s. We are also well versed in the building and renovation of Nursing homes and Senior care living. We all work
  closely with the architects and engineers to do our best to limit any changes that could cause the owner additional cost’s prior to and while working on the project.
  In most all projects there are changes we at USA limit our markup to only 7%. We have found this helps our clients to insure minimum cost for change orders and
  as well as additional costs to their projects. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and building a working relationship.


Our mission is to provide our clients the upmost quality on their projects as well as providing them fair pricing. Our company is based on honesty, integrity and yes profitability while insuring our clients that we do our best to get them the fair pricing they deserve. We offer full Value Engineering to our clients as requested